No power restoration Friday night for sections of downtown Toledo

TOLEDO (WTVG) - Five buildings in Downtown Toledo are without power this morning after a contractor hit an underground cable while doing work for the city.

According to the City of Toledo's Facebook page, One Government Center, Toledo Municipal Court, and the Safety Building are included among those buildings. All three buildings are closed as a result.

According to a spokesperson from Toledo Edison, "Shortly before 8 a.m., a contractor working for the city near Adams and Superior hit an underground cable, shorting out several underground circuits. As a result, five buildings in downtown Toledo are without electricity: HCR ManorCare; Renaissance Hotel; 1 Government Center; Toledo Municipal Court; and the Toledo Safety Building.

Crews are working to assess the damage and plan the restoration, but we do not expect to have a full assessment until late this afternoon, and it’s possible repairs could take through the weekend."