Power tower gives Springfield Township a data boost

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Springfield Township (13abc Action News) - Did you know Springfield Township has some of the most technologically advanced trees in all of northwest Ohio?

Well, sort of.

According to Springfield Township planning director, Jacob Barnes, Verizon's constructed new, state-of-the-art cell phone towers that look like trees.

The newest is along I-475 near Airport Highway behind the Wolf Creek YMCA building.

You can't miss it.

Well, sort of.

There is a second one on Raymill Road near Angola.

Barnes tells 13abc Verizon came to them last year saying they wanted to expand data coverage in that zone.

The township told them about a clause in their residential zoning law mandating that things constructed in residential areas have to blend in.

So Verizon, according to Springfield Township leaders, spent three times what it normally costs to construct one of these to make it look like a tree. 13abc Action News has been told it could be in the ballpark of $400,000.

There's no word on if you'll see more of these pop up around the region.

If they do - you'll see it.

Well, sort of.