Prices at the pump heading down

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(TOLEDO) - It's a pleasant feeling. You're driving along an Ohio highway and glance at the sign that posts "cost per gallon" and to your surprise, it has dropped.

AAA reports more of those signs are carrying good news for consumers. Prices began falling and "are expected to continue to fall to what may be the lowest prices of the year." The drops are the first since the major hurricanes hit the United States.

Indiana has seen a drop in one week of 16 cents per gallon while Ohio is down 14 cents and Michigan has declined an average of 16 cents per gallon for unleaded fuel.

In Toledo, the price change has been a drop of 8 cents per gallon.

In a news release, AAA Public Affairs Manager Cindy Antirican said "while Harvey brought us the highest prices of the year, we will likely see the lowest prices of the year in the months to come."