ProMedica breaks ground on new Lenawee County hospital

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LENAWEE CO., Mi (WTVG) - ProMedica is making a huge investment over the state line, in southeast Michigan.

What was once a golf course off of M-52 in Lenawee county, will soon be a 220-square foot medical center to be named ProMedica Charles and Virginia Hickman Hospital.

"It's time for a new era," Dr. Julie Yaroch, President of Bixby and Herrick hospitals said.

The hospital will feature private patient rooms, emergency and women's centers, and state-of-the-art operating rooms.

"It's really about preventative health care and a sense of health and well being," Dr. Yaroch said.

Part of that approach includes a YMCA on campus.

"To add quality and quantity of life," Joe Wagley, President of the YMCA board of directors in Lenawee county said.

Creating the ultimate vision will take work and funding. A portion of the multi-million dollar bill is up to the health system. The rest will come from donations..

"It's a huge day," Stephen Hickman, said. He and his family are working to get that support from the community. The finished product is very important to them. The hospital carries their parents' names.

"I wish they were here. I know if they were they'd be terribly embarrassed by all of this," Hickman said of the ceremony.

The hope is that this new facility will be apart of the community for years to come and help thousands of patients.

But until construction is complete in 2020, both Bixby and Herrick will remain open.