Proposed Buddhist Temple concerns residents

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TOLEDO - (WTVG) - Many of the people who live along Emmajean have been here for decades.

It is quiet.

It's a place where people cut the grass and neighbors chat on the front lawn.

But lately, they've been chatting about a proposed buddhist temple at the end of their street....

Jeff Watkins has lived along Emmajean for 33 years. He says, we have kids that play out here and we're worried about their safety."

They live on a narrow, unimproved street without sidewalks and like it that way.

But they worry if a growing temples moves in... so will trouble and noise.

Watkins says, "Our fear is that as they increase, there's going to be more traffic up and down the street."

That traffic is up to 40-cars on Sundays as people go to pray.

Mike Leizerman is an attorney who bought 10-acres of land to build a house and and is donating another 10-acres of wooded land-- perfect to build a temple-- on a site zoned for religious assembly.

Thursday, the Plan Commission approved the site plan with 39-conditions the builder must meet.

But the way Leizerman looks at it, better a small temple sits at the end of the street than a brand new housing development.

Leizerman says, "This would be developed except for the donation, at some point in the future."

The Temple's parking lot would sit 100-feet from the cul de sac; the Temple building itself, 400-feet from the street.

Much of the wooded area would be saved.

"i believe once we're here, no one's going to know we're here," Leizerman told 13abc.

Everyone seems to agree this project will move forward.

And the homeowner who started it all says, after the Temple is built, he wants to work with the residents here so they can feel good about their new neighbors.

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