Proposed medical marijuana dispensary one step closer to reality in Toledo

TOLEDO, Ohio (13abc Action News) - A proposed medical marijuana dispensary is one step closer to becoming a reality in Toledo.

Members of city council's zoning and planning committee voted 6 to 1 Wednesday to recommend a special use permit--or SUP--for the operation.

For the people behind the dispensary it's a big step, but not everyone is on board.

"I don't hold any hope out for it being any good thing for anyone," said Toledoan Cathy Stone.

Stone says she isn't sold on the idea of a medical marijuana dispensary possibly coming to her neighborhood.

"I'm just not sure that medical marijuana now is going to be cure all for all of these chronic diseases," said Stone.

Ohio voters said yes to medical marijuana in 2016 and dispensary applications were due last November.

A company known as Glass City Alternatives LLC is looking to open one of those dispensaries in a former animal clinic on Sylvania near Secor.

"To allow this business to operate, in an area that I am very pro-business and very business friendly, I think is something worth gambling about," said Councilman Waniewski.

Waniewski represents the area where the proposed dispensary would go and wants to see the property used.

He says permits like the one recommended for the business allows council to stop operations within one year if things go wrong.

"If things aren't working out right, if we find out that there is an increase in crime—I don't think there will be—we'll revoke the SUP," said Wainewski.

For people like Stone that option isn't enough and she'd rather the city hold off for another business to open up shop.

"I know the city would like to have [the] building look nicer," said Stone. "It's been vacant for two years—I would love nothing more than that too—but I'm just not sure that we should push forward to do this just to get a building up to snuff or improved."

If city council approves the opening of this proposed dispensary the State of Ohio would still need to sign-off on the deal. So far the state has not yet announced when it will approve dispensaries statewide.