Prosecutors Show Video of Child Being Hit At Autism Center

Lenawee County Prosecutors went right to the video in court in the probable cause hearing for one of the aides charged in abusing children with autism when she worked at the Promedica Bixby Autism Center. 24 year old Erinn Tiede of Adrian Township will be arraigned on Felony Child Abuse charges next week.

Tuesday in court, Lenawee County Chief Assistant Prosecutor Angie Borders showed the court video clips from the one on one therapy sessions at the center taken in early August of 2018. In it she says it shows "a child (a 7-year old boy) is being struck on two occasions physically with the hand, and the video shows that she, (Erinn) in what appears to me as an unprovoked, tried to grab him and close his nose and got into a physical struggle because he was fighting her off and it seems like she was acting out that aggression."

Tide will be arraigned next week on felony child abuse charges. Two other women also face charges in similar incidents at the center. 26-year old Sarah Phillips is facing felony child abuse and 25-year old Ashleigh Sancrant is facing misdemeanor assault and battery. In all police say a total of 4 children are reported to have been abused.

ProMedica has issued a statement saying the women were terminated immediately upon discovering the videos and have cooperated fully with authorities in all phases of the investigation.