Protesters wait for Sen. Portman at Lincoln Day Dinner

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FREMONT, Ohio (WTVG) - Putting subtly aside, dozens of people filled the sidewalks at Terra State Community College, hoping to be heard.

Wednesday, Ohio Senator Rob Portman was the speaker at the Lincoln Day dinner in Fremont. For the large crowd, it was the perfect opportunity to push for answers.

"I'm really angry about what's happening to my country because I love my country," Sara Jobin, who came from Toledo to protest said.

"We're just humans trying to do the right thing," Jennifer Thurau, another demonstrator said.

Demonstrators questioned Portman's votes for members of President Trump's administration. They also called for a town hall meeting.

"If he has time for a fundraiser and he has time to speak at events, he has time to talk to the people he represents," Thurau said.

"I think Rob Portman is a decent guy and I think he needs to do what his conscience says instead of just playing the party line," Sprague told 13abc.

Portman told 13abc he wasn't surprised to hear so many people showed up. He says he knows many are fired up about different issues and he is quick to point out how often he does meet with voters throughout the year.

"I think I've had 475 events in Ohio in the last year alone. I don't know if you'll find any other senator that's been out as much as I have," he said. "They have every right to be there and to let their views be heard, and I'm hearing them."

But for some, simply hearing the words is not enough. They want action.

"What is going on in Washington is not what my ancestors intended for this country," says Sprague.

Portman did not go outside to address the crowd.