Puppy with deformed leg gets much needed help from local rescue group

Published: Jun. 25, 2018 at 4:56 PM EDT
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The summer season is off to a very busy start for a lot of rescue groups and shelters around the region. The Lucas County Pit Crew has taken in a lot of dogs in need of emergency vet care in recent weeks. The organization relies on donations and volunteers to help hundreds of dogs and puppies every year.

Knox is one of dozens of dogs being cared for right now by Pit Crew volunteers.Jean Keating is the founder of the rescue group, "Knox has a great personality. He loves to be held and he loves to snuggle. He hates when you put him down, even for a second. He loves other dogs. He is just a great guy!"

Knox was surrendered to the Pit Crew last week by his owner. He has a deformed hind leg that will have to be amputated, "We're not sure what happened whether it was genetic or it happened in utero or during the birth process. It's hard to say. It's not growing at the same rate as the other legs and he can't use it."

Dr. Anne Bergstrom at West Toledo Animal Hospital says that surgery shouldn't slow him down for long, "Typically dogs that have a leg amputated are up and around on the day of surgery. In fact we usually have them up and walking within hours. They tend not to notice as much as we do. We get very attached to the little sick ones. They end up being in and out so much that we all get very attached to them.They get carried around an awful lot!"

Another Pit Crew pup that has needed a lot of medical attention is McAllister. We first introduced you to the little guy last month. He was found on the streets of Toledo with chemical burns on his face.

This is McAllister today, "It's amazing the progress this little guy has made. He looks fantastic."

Dr. Bergstrom says McAllister's long term prognosis is good, "He's making a full recovery other than some scarring on his face. His new family will have to watch him in the sun because he is missing some of the fur on his face. He's a happy puppy!"

Helping rescue dogs like McAllister and Knox is one of Dr. Bergstrom's favorite parts of the job, "I love helping the rescue groups. It just warms my heart. Sometimes we see the worst in people, but we also get to see the best in people. It is amazing to see how many good people there are who step up to help dogs and cats in need."

In addition to finding homes for dozens of dogs every year, the Lucas County Pit Crew also runs an outreach program called Humane Toledo that provides free food and medical care to pet owners in need. The rescue can always use donations of money, food and supplies to continue its work. The Pit Crew also needs people who are willing to foster.

If you'd like to help, we've posted a link.

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