Quick checks can help prevent furnace problems during arctic blast

ROSSFORD (13abc Action News) - Some of the busiest people in these last few weeks of this arctic blast are the crews fixing home and business heating systems. But there are some simple steps you can take to keep your system running at its best.

It's really all about trying to take as many preventive measures as possible. The more of those checks you can do before winter the better off you'll be.

The hum of a properly functioning furnace can be a welcomed sound as temperatures and wind chills dip well below 0. Teams from Pugh Heating and Air Conditioning have worked almost around the clock for weeks.

Those crews are seeing just about everything. But for novices, you can help prevent problems by starting with the filter.

"We've had quite a few calls where the filter has actually sucked into the blower compartment because it's completely plugged," said David Overfield with Pugh.

They've even gotten calls for people who didn't switch their thermostat to heat so it doesn't warm up because it's not even on. Preventive maintenance is the best way to head off problems.

So the more often it is checked, the less likely you are to need an early January fix. If you do, make sure you know who you're using. Check reviews and don't just be enticed by a low price.

“There's a lot of contractors out there. I'm not just talking about HVAC places out there that we hear of that don't do as good a job as other companies," said Overfield.

Also look closely at the temperature point where the thermostat is set. If you have it programmed too low and your home is cold, doubling checking that temperature point, could prevent a call to a technician.