Racing for Recovery goes global

Published: Feb. 6, 2018 at 6:20 PM EST
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Racing for Recovery out of Springfield Township is going to start broadcasting a recovery support group live online Thursday, February 8th.

It's a new approach to bringing group support to a larger audience who may not be able to make it to support meetings. It brings the support meeting to them in the privacy of their own homes.

"Anybody who is affected by self addiction will be able to tune in live," says Todd Crandall, founder of Racing for Recovery. The room is now fitted with several microphones hanging from the ceiling and several robotic cameras that can be pointed toward people with questions or comments about recovery. "When someone raises their hand the moderator calls on them and wherever that person is sitting int he room the camera will focus on that individual," says Crandall. "Our program is applicable to eating disorders, drugs and alcohol, sexual issues, gambling, cutting, because the principals are why we are choosing whatever form of self destruction to deal with our emotional issues."