Racist graffiti spray painted on Perrysburg house for sale following purchase offer

PERRYSBURG, Ohio (WTVG) - Sometime Saturday night racial slurs were spray painted on a house for sale in Perrysburg. The broker, neighbors, and city leaders are outraged.

The realtor for the prospective buyers told 13abc blatant acts of racism like this have never happened in the city before. Neighbors hope the person or persons behind the vandalism are caught as Perrysburg Police continue to investigate.

Rachael Glas has lived on Lexington Drive in Perrysburg for seven years. She says it's a nice, family-focused neighborhood. Sunday she was shocked to see hateful words like 'KKK" and "N-Lover" spray painted in black on the house for sale across the street.

"I was very upset, disappointed, angry, frustrated and just really saddened to see that. I mean it shouldn't ever be anywhere like that, never," said Rachael Glas.

Jon Modene is the listing agent for the vandalized home. Ten days ago he showed an African-American couple the house and they made an offer.

"The spouse and the kids are pretty upset. The husband still wants to buy the house, but the other people are having doubts about living in Perrysburg which is not good," said Modene. He's a broker at Remax Masters.

The police report indicates the racist graffiti was found on three parts of the home including one spot on the garage, on the right-hand side on the home, and two other spots on the back of the house.

The realtor says a local contractor has volunteered to replace the siding for free.

Perrysburg Mayor Thomas Mackin released a statement Monday:

"On February 10, the Perrysburg Police Division responded to a vandalism complaint occurring on Lexington Drive. Hate speech and racial slurs were discovered spray painted on a vacant home. On behalf of the city leaders and citizens of Perrysburg, I emphatically condemn this horrifyingly shameful act of bigoted behavior. All individuals have a right to feel safe and welcome in Perrysburg. The profoundly sad and ignorant actions of the individual or individuals involved do not represent the values of this community and will not be tolerated. I strongly urge anyone with information involving this incident to contact the Perrysburg Police Division at (419) 872-8001."

Neighbors like Rachael hope the family still moves in.

"That is not our neighborhood and we are more than welcome and inclusive and happy to have anyone who wants to move to this neighborhood here and we would love to have them," said Rachael Glas.

"Perrysburg is not a racist town and Perrysburg will fight against racism," said Jon Modene.

Tuesday afternoon at 3:30 broker Jon Modene, Mayor Mackin as well as the Fair Housing Board and concerned neighbors plan to speak out against this act of racism at a rally. It will be held at the home located at 1826 Lexington Drive.