Receding waters revealing ice damage at Side Cut Metropark

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Maumee - (WTVG) - Heavy ice blocks have pushed over dozens of headstones at Riverside Cemetery in Maumee.

Groundskeepers will have to properly identify which stones go to which graves and that's a process that could last a while.

But the Maumee River has receded to within its banks.

And in Side Cut Metropark, the ice blocks left behind are amazing an impressive.

You could call this an ice debris field... but clean up will not be easy.

Bob Heckman is a park manager. He says, "In a lot of our areas, we may just have to wait for it to melt. Which is going to take awhile."

You can see the damage on the trees, the thick ice scored the bark off and some of those trees may die.

In one part of the park, the road is missing; torn away by moving ice and flood waters.

Some road signs have been ripped out and it's difficult to see what damage has been done to parking lots.

Heckman says, "We haven't been able to fully assess a lot of that because of the massive piles of ice that we still have."

Some of the ice plates are a foot thick and some of the chunks weigh hundreds of pounds.

And none of it is melting anytime soon.

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