Record flood hits town, pets rescued just in time

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Several towns in eastern North Carolina are totally surrounded by water and it’s only getting worse, even though the rain has stopped.

Rescues for those trapped continued today with crews from as far away as Arizona here to lend a hand.

The Trent River hit an all time record, days after some people thought hurricane florence was history. After the Pollock Family left their front porch by boat this morning, the race was on to save the family pets from drowning.

"He was underwater," Bruce Pollock said of one of his quarter horses.

"Did he make it?"

"Oh yeah he’s going to be fine but he quit just give up," Pollock said.

All of the pets are safe tonight but Bruce Pollock’s horses were trapped up to their shoulders in the flooded river.

"I was bound and determined to get the horses somewhere dry," Pollock said.

So he swam them to higher ground. The three dogs were happy to see the rescue boat coming for them.

"It had got so high that the dogs were about to be underwater," Pollock said..

The Pollocks all made it out, but the home wasn’t so lucky. Most of the first floor will be gutted. Bruce and his friends raced through the swamp to get the cats, too.

"It’s about five foot up in my shop still right now. But they were pretty excited to see me," Pollock said.

"This is the worst I've ever seen by far. By far," Ronde Bryant said.

Everyone we talked to said Florence was the worst thing to ever hit Jones County.

"So last night we kind of had a little rescue mission right there in the trailer park," Trenton native Bryant said.

Ronte Bryant got out of Trenton just in time. The sewage plant flooded and created a hazmat situation.

"So I was kinda scared about that," Bryant said. "I kinda felt like I was fixing to lose everything."

It’s likely his house is still underwater tonight. But Bryant is grateful he convinced his father to leave the flood zone.