Remarkable recovery for dog found with horrific injuries in Toledo

Published: Mar. 11, 2019 at 5:30 PM EDT
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An incredible story of survival. A dog was found wandering a Toledo street last month with horrific injuries. Vets were not sure if she'd survive.

We want to warn you that video in this story may be disturbing to some of you.

The dog was extremely thin, dehydrated and covered in deep bite wounds over most of her face and parts of her body. Thanks to the work of a lot of people, she made it.

Considering what Skylar has been through, it's remarkable she's alive, "We change the dressing 3-4 times a day, and the wrapping on her head is changed every 2-3 days."

Skylar was found February 25th on Curtis Street and rescued by Good Samaritans. They got her to the Lucas County Pit Crew, which is a volunteer rescue group. Skylar was rushed to West Toledo Animal Hospital. It's not clear how Skylar was hurt, but it was immediately clear she wouldn't survive without emergency vet care.

Richard Chamberlain is volunteer with the rescue,"One side of her face is completely exposed skin. She's got a drain for the infection on the other side of her face. She has scars and bite marks all over her head and body."

Chamberlain and his wife have been fostering Skylar since Saturday, "We were afraid when we brought her home she'd be defensive and aggressive given her history but she is the sweetest dog. When we walk in the room she wags her tail and wants to love on us and sit with us. She really is a wonderful dog. "

Right now Skylar needs constant care and regular trips to the vet.

Monday she had her bandages changed at Perrysburg Animal Care.

Chris Tomten is the office manager, "She's had IV fluids, IV antibiotics and she's here every 2-3 days. We're hoping the wounds heal from the inside out. We're working hard to keep them free of bacteria so that can happen."

Chris says Skylar's case is a perfect example of why everyone got involved in animal medicine and rescue, "For everything she's been through, she's an amazing dog. Everyone is amazed by her strength, and we are all excited for her to find her forever family"

Skylar will remain in foster care while she continues to heal. She will eventually need reconstructive surgery. Her care will cost thousands of dollars. The Pit Crew is an all volunteer organization. Donations of time, money, supplies and food are always needed.

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