Reminder: 'Do's and Don'ts' of recycling in Toledo

Published: Oct. 15, 2019 at 9:27 PM EDT
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In Toledo, when it comes to recycling the problem isn't that people aren't recycling. Leaders say the real issue is that too many residents are doing it wrong, costing more time, energy, and resources to sort through trash dumped into the wrong bin.

Mary Rohr is passionate about recycling and doing it properly.

"We put a lot of stuff in the landfill. So, I want to make a difference," said Rohr.

Mary takes her office's cardboard to the recycling location at the Jackman Kroger. She also fills up her blue bin at home.

"People call me pretty militant about this," said Rohr.

Adam Cassi is the Executive Director of Keep Toledo Lucas County Beautiful. He wants Toledoans to know what you can and cannot recycle.

"[Paper plates are] recyclable in theory. Once it touches food waste though, it gets contaminated. So, make sure this gets in your garbage. In Toledo we do not recycle Styrofoam. Even if you find a recycling symbol on it, we cannot recycle Styrofoam," said Cassi.

Plastic, glass, and aluminium are a go - once the products are washed and rinsed.

"I understand people's confusion around caps. The answer to caps is always put the caps, always put the lids, back on your containers to recycle them," said Cassi.

Plastic bags, toys, coat hangers, and greasy pizza boxes, for example, belong in the trash or donation bins. Cassi says in Toledo the biggest issue is contamination.

"We want to see 10 percent contamination or less and Toledo is a little bit higher than that contamination rate," said Cassi.

"I get a little bit disgusted by people. It's a pretty simple process," said Rohr.

The environmental benefits have been known for a while. Recycling means less plastic littering the oceans, it reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and saves space in landfills - to name a few.

"It is lessening our impact and preserving what we got: our Earth for generations," said Cassi.

"I've got to do my part. I got to at least try," said Rohr.

With Halloween right around the corner, as we reported last week, it's important to remind you that you cannot recycle candy wrappers in your curbside bins. Keep Toledo Lucas County Beautiful is rolling out a program for special candy wrapper recycle bins to be set out at drop-off locations soon.

For more detailed information about recycling in Toledo and a list of drop-off locations