Rental home dispute ends with a home destroyed

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HOLLAND (WTVG) - What would've been a nice rental home won't have anyone living in it anytime soon. That's because the owner said a man destroyed it.

Rosemary Gorney said a man was remodeling a house for her on the 600 block of Crissey Rd. in Holland. She said he wanted to move his wife and children in the home while he fixed it and Gorney said no.

"He started staying here anyways and I contacted the sheriff's department and I said he was staying here and they said I have to file and eviction for a squatter," added Gorney.

Before she could follow through, on Thursday Gorney said she received calls that the worker destroyed the home. Now, a fireplace is missing, the kitchen cabinets were ripped off its hinges and a glass door is in pieces.

Charlotte Notman, a neighbor said, "the guy was here with a sledgehammer beating the house to pieces."

Captain Matt Luettke with the Lucas County Sheriff's Office said Thursday wasn't the first time deputies made a run to this home.

"We've been out at least in several occasions in the last month or so," said Capt. Luettke.

Since September 22nd, Capt. Luettke said sheriff's deputies made eight runs to the rental home.

"The report that we took were for the damage that each alleged. They were advised that they could take them to the court or most likely it was going to be a civil matter," said Capt. Luettke. "I wish people would agree to disagree or they would handle it in court. . . There's a civil way. Destroying each others property, threatening each other and calling the police is not a solution."

Hours later the home was boarded up. Now, Gorney and her husband will start all over.

"You would have thought he was a decent person. He was married, had two children, two small children, but I guess you can't judge a book by it's cover," Gorney said.