Rep. Marcy Kaptur calls the way women dress "an invitation"

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(WTVG) - On Wednesday, the Politico reported Representative Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) made a startling comment about the way some women staff members dress.

The quote in the Politico reads, “I saw a member yesterday with her cleavage so deep it was down to the floor,” Kaptur said, according to the sources present. “And what I’ve seen … it's really an invitation.”

According to sources Rep. Kaptur said this during a private Democratic Caucus meeting.

Her statement shocked fellow lawmakers, along with, Americans across the United States.

Recently women have been revealing sexual harassment claims against men across the U.S.

Rep. Kaptur suggested a stricter dress code for women on Capitol Hill.

In a statement issued by her office, Rep. Kaptur said:

"When I was first elected to congress my office and I became a refuge for female staffers who had been mistreated by their bosses. Some of them in tears many days. It is something I carry with me to this day and something I brought up during our caucus meeting. Under no circumstances is it the victim's fault if they are harassed in any way. I shared the stories from my time here in the context of the 'me too' legislation and how we can elevate the decorum and the dress code to protect women from what is a pervasive problem here and in society at large." - Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur

The head of the Lucas County Democratic Party sent 13abc this statement:

"Marcy Kaptur is a champion for women. Period. She's made it clear her comments were in no way to suggest fault on the part victims of sexual harassment. There is nothing we would add to that." - Joshua Hughes, the Lucas County Democratic Party Chairman

Lucas County Republican Party Central Committee Chairman Meghan Gallagher also weighed in on the controversy:

"It is disheartening that Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur, as an elected official, and one who has been a role model for many women, would make a comment blaming women for inviting sexual harassment. No woman ever deserves to be sexually harassed regardless of what she is wearing."

Kaptur's comments are receiving criticism on social media.

@bgsulady wrote on Twitter, "@repmarcykaptur I am a big supporter of yours. But shame on you for saying the way a woman dresses invites sexual harassment. Ppl may not be dressed as you would but it is never an invitation, a reason, or excuse to harass or assault a person. That's old boys club thinking."

@lau_mac10 wrote on Twitter, "oh @repmarcykaptur I love you, but wearing a plunging neckline or any revealing clothing is never asking to be sexually assaulted or raped. My body, my choice."

Veteran Journalist Soledad O'Brien posted this on Twitter, "dem lawmaker says she's not blaming women--as she blames women for being sexually harassed. Says it's due to what they wear. Says strict female dress code would 'protect' women. (My brain is exploding in this craziness.)"