Report: Ohio golf courses can remain open under social distancing guidelines


COLUMBUS (WTVG) - The Ohio Department of Health has reportedly reversed its decision not to exempt area golf courses from the state’s Stay-at-Home order.

According to the Northern Ohio Golf Association, ODH sent an e-mail to county health departments on Saturday stating that golf courses could remain open under the “outdoor recreation” exemption, provided they adhered to the original order’s social distancing measures.

In that letter, as quoted by NOGA, the Ohio Department of Health advises local health departments to use the following language when issuing guidance to local golf courses:

“If your golf course is operating as an outdoor recreation opportunity and abiding by all of the order’s social distancing requirements, there is likely not a health concern. However, if the golf course is operating other businesses as part of the operations (restaurants, clubhouse, spa, driving range, putting and practice greens, etc), then you should be prepared to explain why you deem those business operations essential.”

13abc has reached out to local golf pros in an effort to confirm this guidance but has not yet heard back. We will update this post when we do.