Report: Toledo schools superintendent improperly spent school money

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - The Superintendent of Toledo Public Schools is in trouble for improperly spending district dollars.

An audit released by the Ohio Auditor’s office found Dr. Romules Durant improperly spent $959.

The auditor’s office broke down how the dollars were spent:

  • $32 on alcohol

  • $396 for fuel

  • $71 for personal care items

  • $130 toward charity contributions

  • $50 toward airline baggage fees for a companion

  • $280 in unsupported purchases.

The Auditor’s office says Dr. Durant repaid the district $959 and made the check to the district’s general fund.

13abc reached out to TPS for comment. We received the following statement from Chief of Staff Jim Gant:

During Toledo Public Schools annual financial audit, it was discovered that purchases made on a district purchasing card did not have the necessary receipts to substantiate the expense. The auditor found that Dr. Durant purchased $959 that did not fall within the guidelines that are set for spending of public monies. The items in question ranged from purchasing food for students involved with YMOE and YWOE, supporting a local nonprofit organization through the purchase of a bike and incidental travel items. Dr. Durant issued a check on January 10, 2019 to the district in the full amount. Since the finding, the district has established stricter internal controls to monitor, review and scrutinize purchasing card usage.

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