Rescue dog inspires children's book, proceeds help other pups in need

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ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, Va. (WHSV/Gray News) — Jill McGlaughlin is telling her family's story of rescuing a stray dog with her new book, "DD's Miracle."

The McGlaughlin family rescued DD four years ago and now they are sharing her story in hopes of helping other homeless pets in need. (Source: Jill McGlaughlin)

McGlaughlin said she never thought she would be an author.

"I had never thought about writing a book ever. No," McGlaughlin said.

But she changed her mind when she felt her family's story could help others.

Four years ago, when her family was on Thanksgiving vacation in Mississippi, a stray dog followed her mother and daughter home on a walk and stayed close to the family all week.

McGlaughlin said when it was time to go home, they had to leave the dog, who they called "DD" – standing for "Dumb Dog" – in Mississippi.

"The further down the road we went, the more we knew that we made the wrong decision, that we really needed her," McGlaughlin said about the difficult moment they left DD behind.

Once the family was home, they were able to get DD checked out by a vet to make sure she did not belong to anyone and was healthy enough to make the trip from Mississippi to Virginia.

"She was already starving. You could see that she had not been fed, and you could see her ribs and her hip bones, and I was like, 'You know, the real life is a lot of these dogs either get hit, they get killed, they even get shot,' so it was just tragic to think what could happen, and so I just wanted to be able to do what I could for that one little animal and hopefully inspire others to do that too," McGlaughlin said.

She shared her story on Facebook, and friends and family encouraged her to write a book to help inspire others to help animals in need.

"She really has just brought joy to everyone of us in our family," McGlaughlin said.

McGlaughlin worked on the book in her spare time and after two years, it was ready to go.

"It doesn't really seem real until we actually had a hard copy of it and I was like, 'Oh my gosh, this is us. This is our story,'" McGlaughlin said.

Partial proceeds from the book will be donated to non-profit animal rights organizations in Virginia and Mississippi.

"If I can help give back in some way, I thought, 'Well, maybe that'd be a great way to do it,'" said McGlaughlin.

The book is for sale online on Amazon, Good Reads, Target, Barnes and Noble and Mascot Books.

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