Residents can’t escape ‘desert dust storm’ from busy dirt road

TOLEDO (WTVG) - Multiple residents on Ford Avenue off of Laskey say their backyards are coated in dust, and blame a dirt road owned by the Ann Arbor Railroad.

"It is literally a dust storm," said Tracy Fields, who has lived on Ford Avenue for ten years. "I have had enough. I have had more than enough."

Fields uses her finger to wipe off a thin layer of dust from her granddaughters stroller that was left outside Tuesday. Dust is also found on her pool cover and vehicle.

"We can't even enjoy our properties," Fields said. "The children can't play outside without washing their toys, and cars are constantly covered in dust and dirt."

Fields says behind her backyard is a storage lot owned by the Ann Arbor Railroad. Every day trucks drive down a dirt road that leaves behind a cloud of dust.

"If you have ever seen a desert dust storm, that's exactly what it looks like," Fields said.

"It's super thick and it goes above the trees," said Mitchell Blackford, who also lives on Ford Avenue. "It coats the trampoline, cars, you can't even open our windows."

Blackford says both he and his youngest son suffer from asthma and some days they can't go outside because of the dust.

"We can't even come out here when it's going like that because it irritates both of our chests," Blackford said.

Neighbors say they have made multiple phone calls to the Ann Arbor Railroad complaining about the dust and dirt, however claim the problem has continued for several months.

"I hope they get it sealed the way they should have when they first put in down," said Fields. "They need to be respectful that they are in a neighborhood and not a commercial area."

A spokesperson for Ann Arbor Railroad tells 13abc they plan to put down a solution this week to help control the dust.