Residents stuck without water in Toledo apartments

Residents of the Secor Cedars Apartments have been living without water for days. Signs were posted on the doors of the building Wednesday night aplogizing for the inconvenience, but residents say that wasn't the case on Tuesday.

13abc reached out to the city to find out what the issue was and a city official told us there is a pipe leak on the private property side so it's up to the property owner to fix. The owner has been told by the city to fix the problem and has reportedly agreed to do so. In the meantime, residents are stuck finding ways around it.

"I have to use this just to flush a toilet," says Natasha Williams, picking up a large jug of water. "So every time I want to use the bathroom I have to use one of these. That's not really cool since we had no notice. They didn't tell us. The city didn't tell us. The apartments didn't tell us. Somebody knew that this was going to happen and nobody informed us."

Code enforcement wrote up orders on Wednesday, demanding the property owner get the pipes repaired. He has 72 hours to comply with the order.

13abc has not been able to get in touch with the landlord.