Restaurant Report Card: 10.17.19 Violation-Free in Sylvania

Published: Oct. 17, 2019 at 1:25 PM EDT
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This week, we are taking you to food establishments that have zero violations and are in the Sylvania area, including Country Grains Bread & Deli on Sylvania Avenue. It's violation-free!

Owner Kelly Hewitt explains she leaves notes for the staff as reminders, such as "eggs must be on the bottom shelf."

That works! When her team gets a clean bill of health, Hewitt says, "It feels so wonderful."

"When (sanitarians) come in, you feel like the police are here," adds Hewitt. "You're like *gasp* 'Here they come, oh no. What's going on?' Not that you're really doing anything bad, but you just don't know what they find or what's going to happen."

The next stop is The Next Sweet Thing in Mayberry Square. They're also violation-free!

Here, Supervisor Rylie Crots says the secret ingredient for buttering up the health department is constant cleaning.

"I clean up after myself after I get done with whatever I'm working on," explains Crots. "That's pretty much the easiest way to keep it clean, really. It's just, once you're done with one task, clean up after yourself, move onto the next."

Finally, Edible Arrangements in Regency Plaza at Central and McCord. It's right there in the name: Edible. Even though it's not a restaurant, it's still violation-free.

The prep area is a full-scale production kitchen for mixing, cutting, cooling and holding.

"We just have great employees," says manager Kelly Swartz. "Everyone's on it. We take pride in it, like it to look good."

You can check the latest results for all of the health inspections here: