Restaurant Report Card: 11.2.17 Pizzapapalis

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TOLEDO (WTVG) -- We start this week at the Papa John's Pizza at Alexis and Tremainsville.

During the last Standard Health Inspection, a sanitarian with the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department noted 10 Violations here, but they were all Non-Critical, which means there were 0 Critical.

Among those Non-Critical Violations:

X Prep sink is missing the pipe to the drain and faucets are not working properly.
X Missing/damaged floor tiles.
X Build-up of dirt and debris under equipment.

13abc emailed Papa John's through its corporate website. We're still waiting for a reply.

Next, Surf & Turf Shack on Lewis Ave. It had 12 Violations, including 7 Critical:

X Stickers and sticker residue on clean containers or containers in use.
X Ready-to-eat foods were not properly date marked.
X Person in charge was unable to demonstrate proper knowledge of food safety and prevention.

13abc texted the owner of Surf & Turf Shack. We are still waiting to hear back.

Finally, Pizzapapalis on Monroe St. near 5/3rd Field.

During a Standard Health Inspection at Pizzapapalis, a sanitarian found 21 Violations. Out of those, 14 were considered Critical:

X Ants in the dish room drain and gnats at the downstairs bar.
X No sanitizer bucket set up in the kitchen area.
X Food employee(s) did not wash hands in situations that specifically require them to do so.

Several weeks after that initial inspection, health inspectors came back for a Follow-Up. They noted 4 Violations were corrected, but there were 5 new ones.

Since then, the General Manager of Pizzapapalis texted 13abc:

"Immediately after the conclusion of our most recent Health Department Inspection our Management team and staff began identifying the necessary actions to address and correct the violations at hand. We at Pizza Papalis take these Heath Inspections very serious and have a great track record to support this in over 30 years of doing business. Our critical citings for the supervisor on duty not being "Person in Charge" certified, was corrected by the said supervisor receiving their certification by the State of Ohio. We have repaired the light fixture cover, the loose fitting on a hand sink, the air gap issue addresses and replaced the prep cooler lid in question. In addition, the bottle that that had mistakenly not been labeled was corrected and placed back in its proper home.

Protecting our guests and our staff is always a top priority, always has been and always will be. Although none of these violations presented a risk to any of our customers, they have been taken seriously and as noted addressed immediately."

- Dave Keen, General Manager

Now for a Restaurant Report Card follow-up.

Two weeks ago we told you about 11 violations at White Tower on Sylvania Avenue. The sign says it's a 24 hour restaurant, but the owner actually closed down for 4 hours so employees can do a thorough cleaning.

Employees showed 13abc through the kitchen of White Tower so you could see all the violations are now corrected.

Here are the restaurants with zero violations:

3107 Navarre Avenue, Oregon (419) 693-7827
Standard Inspection 13-Oct-2017 0 critical & 0 non-critical

Georgette's Grounds & Gifts
311 Conant Street, Maumee (419) 891-8888
Standard Inspection 17-Oct-2017 0 critical & 0 non-critical

Sukit Hookah
1919 Monroe Street, Toledo
Standard Inspection 17-Oct-2017 0 critical & 0 non-critical

Chubby's American Grill
535 W Alexis Road, Toledo
Standard Inspection 17-Oct-2017 0 critical & 0 non-critical

434 E Wooster St C, Bowling Green (419) 806-4866
Follow-up Inspection 11-Oct-2017 0 critical & 0 non-critical

Pizza Hut #032279
28310 Oregon Rd, Perrysburg
Standard Inspection 11-Oct-2017 0 critical & 0 non-critical

Burger King #5384
10796 Fremont Pike, Perrysburg (419) 874-5111
Complaint Inspection 17-Oct-2017 0 critical & 0 non-critical

Rapid Fired Pizza
852 S Main St, Bowling Green
30 day and Standard Inspection 18-Oct-2017 0 critical & 0 non-critical

Royal Bar
3012 Woodville Rd, Northwood (419) 697-1432
Standard Inspection 19-Oct-2017 0 critical & 0 non-critical

Taco Bell
320 E Wooster, Bowling Green (419) 354-1155
Standard Inspection 19-Oct-2017 0 critical & 0 non-critical

Parkway Cafe - The Toledo Hospital
2142 N Cove Blvd, Toledo (419) 291-4045
Standard Inspection 23-Oct-2017 0 critical & 0 non-critical