Restaurant Report Card: 11.23.17 Food Safety in Spanish

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TOLEDO (WTVG) -- In the basement of the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department, sanitarians offer Level 1 and Level 2 Food Safety Classes.

Now, the health department wants to make sure no one gets left behind by offering those same classes in Spanish.

"It's new to the health department. We were just able to get the curriculum approved," explains Barb Jordan, who oversees the courses.

Sanitarians say they run into a language barrier at some local Mexican restaurants. So, if some classes are in Spanish, it would make it easier on everyone.

There will be two types:

Level 1: 3-hour course to learn the basics. $25.00.
Level 2: 16-hour course for managers. $175.00.

Both are required by the State of Ohio, and both will be offered in Spanish.

The owner of El Tipico, Dina Villa, says all of her employees either speak English or are bi-lingual, but she sees how the classes in Spanish will help the larger Latino/Latina community.

"You can't go into a business and say 'Everybody must read English. Everybody must speak English right now.' Because that's not the way it is," explains Villa. "So, we don't have time to wait for them to learn the language. So, in the meantime, while they're learning it, can we offer the test in another language, so that way they can stay employed and make sure that all the regulations are being upheld."

The Food Safety Classes in Spanish are set to begin in January.

For more information, visit the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department through the link on this page.