Restaurant Report Card: 12.6.18 Triple A Cafe

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TOLEDO (WTVG) -- Inside your restaurant, you are supposed to be keep raw, shelled eggs on a lower shelf, not above anything that's cooked or ready to eat.

If a health inspector spots those eggs on a higher shelf, it's a violation.

That turned up on the Standard Inspection 19-Nov-2018 at Classic Lounge, 2224 Nebraska Avenue, Toledo. A sanitarian with the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department noted 15 violations (7 critical & 8 non-critical). Among those:

X Ice bin with scoop where handle touches customer's ice.
X Dirty ice maker, ice maker scoop and stored on dirty surfaces.
X Raw eggs and raw fish stored above cooked or ready to eat foods.

In response, a spokesperson for Classic Lounge texted 13abc:
"Everything was corrected and the inspector came back out yesterday."

Also, Triple A Cafe inside One Seagate downtown. During a Standard/Critical Control Point Inspection 16-Nov-2018, a sanitarian pointed out 16 violations (5 critical & 11 non-critical). Those included:

X Cut tomatoes with no date marking
X Expired food in the basement kitchen
X Bottle container not properly labeled

All three of these were corrected during the inspection.

In response, a spokesperson for the company that operates Triple A Cafe told 13abc over the phone:
"We've been there for seven years and always had great inspections ... we're working with our new inspector to bring things up to her standards."
"We'll get everything corrected that (the sanitarian) found and be back to a great inspection on the next one."

Here are the restaurants with zero violations:

City Egg Restaurant
202 N Summit Street, Toledo (419) 868-9858
Standard/30 Day Inspection 16-Nov-2018 0 critical & 0 non-critical

Kyoto Ka Downtown
300 Madison Avenue, Toledo (419) 321-4000
Standard/Critical Control Point Inspection 27-Nov-2018 0 critical & 0 non-critical

Jera's Heavenly Sweet
550 N Summit Street, Toledo (419) 699-2158
Standard Inspection 16-Nov-2018 0 critical & 0 non-critical

McDonald's #12019
5210 N Summit Street, Toledo (419) 726-5535
Standard/Critical Control Point Inspection 16-Nov-2018 0 critical & 0 non-critical

Al Ahmed's Steak House
1923 W Alexis Road, Toledo (419) 472-3176
Standard/Critical Control Point Inspection 20-Nov-2018 0 critical & 0 non-critical

2045 W Alexis Road, Toledo (419) 471-1711
Standard Inspection 20-Nov-2018 0 critical & 0 non-critical

Toledo Skateland
5735 Opportunity Drive, Toledo (419) 476-2808
Standard Inspection 21-Nov-2018 0 critical & 0 non-critical

Pertoria, Inc. Dba Wendy's
26630 Dixie Hwy, Perrysburg (419) 872-2523
Standard/Critical Control Point Inspection 19-Nov-2018 0 critical & 0 non-critical

Marco's Pizza #18
309 W Alexis Road A1, Toledo (419) 478-1990
Standard Inspection 26-Nov-2018 0 critical & 0 non-critical