Restaurant Report Card: 1.4.18 Chuancai Fang

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TOLEDO (WTVG) -- Welcome to the first Restaurant Report Card of 2018, and we have a lot of ground to cover.

Six restaurants had double-digit violations, including two with rodent droppings.

One of those was Marco's Pizza at South Ave. and the Anthony Wayne Trail.

During its last Standard Health Inspection, the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department gave this Marco's 10 Violations, including 4 Critical.

Among the violations:

X No food thermometer.
X Sticker residue on clean containers.
X Rodent droppings in the chemical room.

In response, a spokesperson for Marco's emailed 13abc:

"We regret the violations as we take our accountability for all proper processes and procedures very seriously. Corrections were 100% enacted within hours of the inspection and, we can say for certain, at no time impacted customers."
- Laura Johnstone ll Director of Communications and Public Relations
Marco's Franchising, LLC

New Empire Chinese Restaurant in Spring Meadows also had 10 Violations, 3 of those were considered Critical:

X Rusted, chipping shelving
X A build-up of dirt and debris on the floors throughout facility.
X Refrigerated, ready-to-eat foods not properly date marked.

That last one was corrected at the time of the inspection.

A spokesperson for New Empire Chinese messaged through Facebook:

"For the first critical violation food safe level two, I had the book I did read it almost everyday, just don't have time to take the test yet, and I am going to at the end of this month ... for equipment dirty one of the reason is we just got very busy when the inspector come, and we usually clean them every night after we close ... and for the food date mark, we did mark just get wet so inspector can see it clear, and we fixed it right after that."

Hooters on Monroe St. had 13 Violations. Out of those, 5 Critical.

Among the Non-Critical Violations:

X Chicken on countertop at room temperature thawing.
X Flooring and walls of facility in disrepair.
X A build-up of dirt and debris throughout facility.

13abc sent an email to a corporate media spokesperson for Hooters. We're still waiting for a reply.

Also, Jed's on Oregon Rd. in Northwood. The Wood County Health District noted 14 Violations, including 6 Critical:

X Soup at 117F.
X Pulled pork holding at 46F
X A rug in the facility.

In response, Jed's in Northwood texted 13abc:

"All of the violations were all minor issues. All of the issues were addressed and corrected while the health department was present that day and we have everything cleared for a perfect report card now."

Now onto that second restaurant with evidence of mouse droppings during its last Standard Health Inspection. It's a restaurant at The Docks.

Those mouse droppings were among the 16 Violations at Kobe Bay, including 6 Critical:

X Build up in the walk-in freezer.
X Build up in the microwave.
X Mouse droppings throughout the facility.

13abc sent Kobe Bay a message through its website. We're still waiting for a reply.

Finally, for the fourth Standard Health Inspection in a row, Chuancai Fang on Dorr St. had double-digit health code violations. This time, 19 Violations, 5 of those Critical.

Among the Critical Repeats:

X Build up in the walk-in freezer.
X Build up in the microwave.
X Mouse droppings throughout the facility.

13abc spoke to the owner of Chuancai Fang over the phone. He declined to comment.

Here are the restaurants with zero violations:

Tony Packo Cafe
1902 Front Street, Toledo (419) 691-6054
Standard Inspection 11-Dec-2017 0 critical & 0 non-critical

Papoo's Coney Island
10335 Waterville Street, Whitehouse: (419) 877-5320
Standard Inspection 12-Dec-2017 0 critical & 0 non-critical

J Maes Home Cooking LLC
3117 Lagrange Street, Toledo (419) 509-8837
Standard Inspection 14-Dec-2017 0 critical & 0 non-critical

Connie's Celebrations
6195 Lewis Avenue, Toledo (419) 476-1931
Standard Inspection 14-Dec-2017 0 critical & 0 non-critical

Panera Bread #872
145 S Main St, Bowling Green (419) 352-7100
Standard Inspection 14-Dec-2017 0 critical & 0 non-critical