Restaurant Report Card: 3.21.19 Latex Gloves

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BOWLING GREEN, Ohio (WTVG) -- Whether they're handling dough, lunchmeat or utensils, workers in the kitchen at Campus Pollyeyes in Bowling Green are wearing gloves.

That will stay the same.

But the type of gloves has to change. They can no longer be latex.

It's because of customers or employees who may have latex allergies.

According to the Ohio Food Safety Code, effective March 1, 2019:
"The use of latex gloves is prohibited in food service operations and retail food establishments. Types of non-latex gloves that are permitted for use in food service operations and retail food establishments include but are not limited to nitrile, polyethylene, and vinyl."

"The good news is there's a lot of alternatives out there," explains Alex Aspacher, a spokesperson for the Wood County Health Department. "There's polyethalene. There's vinyl. There's nitrile gloves. So, there's other options out there."

In Wood County, sanitarians are spreading the word about the change as they make the rounds during their regular inspections.

Right now, Wood County is allowing restaurants to use up their supply of gloves for cleaning. After that's gone, the county is asking those restaurants to switch to another material.

"So, for now, there's no violation for food facilities that have latex gloves in their facilities," continues Aspacher. "We are asking that they use those gloves until they're gone for cleaning and other purposes, but not for use in food preparation or serving or anything like that where they could come into contact with food."