Restaurant Report Card: 4.18.19 Williams County

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BRYAN (WTVG) -- [Editor's note: Shaffer's in Bryan had a follow-up inspection Thursday and was cleared with zero violations]

Health departments across the state have started putting their Food Facility Inspections online. That includes the Williams County Health Department, and we start this week in Bryan.

At 1113 S. Main Street, Bryan, the Standard Inspection at the KFC/A&W on 8-Apr-2019 ended with 18 violations (4 critical & 14 non-critical). For example:

X Floors and walls throughout facility were dirty.
X Shelving units and their wheels were covered in food remnants.
X Soiled linens being used under one of the fryers to absorb grease.

In response, a corporate spokesperson for A&W emailed 13abc:

"Thank you for making us aware of this report for this location. A&W takes food safety and the health of our guests very seriously. Our locations are franchise owned and operated and we will be working with the franchise partner to address these concerns."

- Sarah Blasi Mueller
VP, Marketing A&W

Also, during a Standard Inspection 9-Apr-2019, Shaffer's at 309 N. Main St., Bryan had 21 violations (10 critical & 11 non-critical). Those included:

X Cauliflower stored in moldy cardboard boxes.
X Menard's paint buckets were also being used to store food.
X Dishwasher did not wash his hands between working with the dirty dishes and the clean dishes.

A Follow-Up inspection from the Williams County Health Department on 18-Apr-2019 brought the number of violations at Shaffer's down to zero! (0 critical & 0 non-critical)

13abc messaged Shaffer's through Facebook and left a message over the phone with an employee. We are still waiting to hear from a manager.

You can view updated Inspections from the Williams County Health Department by clicking the link: Williams County Food Facility Inspections