Restaurant Report Card: 4.4.19 5/3rd Field

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TOLEDO (WTVG) -- Every Spring inside 5/3rd Field, there's a transformation.

All of the food stands have been closed for the winter. To get them up and running again, it takes a lot of work.

From power washing to putting up signs, it's all a process.

This year, workers with PSC, Professional Sports Catering, are learning how to clean and maintain margarita mixers for a new stand serving frozen cocktails.

"There's a lot of different moving parts in there," marvels McKenzie Whiteman, concessions manager for PSC. "There's so many places germs, pathogens, all that kind of stuff can get into. So, (a representative from the manufacturer) is kind of showing me all the different ways we can prevent that kind of stuff, make sure that it's safe for everybody."

Opening day 2019, 5/3rd Field will have 400 food workers between the ballpark, Fleetwoods and Holy Toledo Tavern. All of those employees have to pass a Level 1 Food Safety Test administered through the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department.

Same goes for the 13 managers, who are all ServSafe Certified.

"There's someone here that's ServSafe Certified at each entity of the ballpark at all times," assures Corey Pleasant, with PSC.

Those numbers may sound like a lot, but consider these opening day stats. Today alone, 5/3rd Field expects to serve up:

X 20,000 hot dogs
X 15,000 sodas
X 4,000 hamburgers

That''s why everyone, from the players to the concession workers, has to be on his or her game to keep you and your family safe.