Restaurant Report Card: 6.29.17 How To Open

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TOLEDO (WTVG) -- The mobile food truck industry is booming.

If you're wondering, 'How can I get in on that action?' Well, it takes more than getting a stand and setting up shop.

Just ask Barbara Jordan, a plan reviewer at the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department.

The designs for every food establishment licensed in Lucas County, including food trucks, go across Jordan's desk.

Before a food truck is deemed up to code, Jordan needs to sign off on the blueprints.

But first thing's first. If you want to open up a food truck, you have to apply for a license through the health department.

"You can't just go purchase a truck and decide to open up your own restaurant," says Jordan.

And we're not just talking food trucks. The same rules apply to any food establishment with plans to open up in the county.

Take Fuzzy's Taco Shop, for example. It just opened in Toledo at the beginning of June.

Before any installations could take shape, the inside of Fuzzy's had to be put into perspective and put down on paper.

Blueprints of any restaurant have to be drawn to scale.

That's key, according to Jordan, because it allows the health department to identify and correct any issues before construction begins.

"It needs to be drawn to scale so we know that they have the proper ability to cold hold. That they have the room to put the handwashing sink in. That they have the storage ability," explains Jordan.

The layout of Fuzzy's was deemed up to code.

If you're even thinking about getting into the restaurant business, take it from the experts: Take a look at what works, then contact the health department first.

To download and fill out the planning application for licensing in Lucas County, click the link.