Restaurant Report Card: 7.25.19 Steak'n Shakes

Published: Jul. 25, 2019 at 9:24 AM EDT
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When sanitarians ordered the closures of two Steak'n Shakes, they not only noted the violations, they took pictures.

Among the images made available to the media: Cracked eggs in a bucket, food debris in a sink and fallen fries wedged in the corner of a machine. The photos show exactly what health inspectors saw inside Steak'n Shake #421, 2141 S Reynolds Road, Toledo and Steak'n Shake #406, 5395 Monroe Street, Toledo.

From dirty shake cups in the sink to a splattered shake machine to a messy topping bar, all of the photos illustrate examples of violations to the Ohio Food Code.

Pictures show why health inspectors suspended the licenses of two Toledo Steak'n Shake locations. See more and read the...

Posted by 13abc on Friday, July 26, 2019

Both Steak'n Shakes are now allowed to reopen, but one, according to the Toledo-Lucas Co. Health Dept., took extra steps to correct the violations and bring them down to zero. That was Steak'n Shake #421, 2141 S Reynolds Road, Toledo. According to the Follow-Up inspection:

1. Floors, walls and ceilings have been cleaned.

2. Facility has bought new microwaves, fryer and a grill.

3. Food contact surfaces are clean to sight and touch.

4. Non-food contact surfaces are clean to sight and touch.

5. Facility will use three bay sink while dish machine is being worked on.

6. The floors were re-done.

7. All cold holding units are in compliance with the Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code.

8. Hoods were all cleaned, and all surfaces underneath the equipment were clean.

9. Ice machine was cleaned.

10. Facility is okay to operate!

The sanitarian also wrote:

"Facility is able to re-open with the condition that the cleanliness of the store is maintained. If this condition is not kept the license may be suspended or revoked."

Steak'n Shake #406, 5395 Monroe Street, Toledo, is also clear to open, but still has 2 violations, which include:

"Non-food contact surfaces of equipment are unclean. Observed significant build-up on the inside surfaces of the microwave, inside the bread drawers, inside the coolers and freezers, inside the cheese dispenser, hot topping dispensers, drink station, shake station, ware-washing area, equipment surfaces and cook-line. THIS IS A REPEAT ISSUE. ... Facility not maintained clean. Observed build-up on floods, walls, and ceilings. Food debris and splatter observed on surfaces throughout the facility. Observed dirty floors through kitchen. Observed food splatter on walls. Observed stains and debris on ceiling tiles. The cook-line needs a lot of attention - significant grease build-up present. Observed build-up underneath in place equipment throughout facility. Observed build-up present on the floor drains. THIS IS A REPEAT ISSUE."

However, at the same Steak'n Shake, the sanitarian also noted:

+ Cleaning has taken place throughout the facility.

+ Maintenance issues have been properly addressed.

+ Food safety training has been completed by PIC staff and managers.

Because of these corrections, the health department gave both Steak'n Shake locations permission to operate. However, in the Follow-Up reports, sanitarians noted:

"Failure to maintain the facility after reopening may result in further legal action including revocation of food service license."

UPDATE: The health department sent 13abc a second Follow-Up inspection report for the Monroe St. location, noting:

"Our Supervisor conferred with the inspecting sanitarian and informed me that all violations were corrected before the store was given clearance to reopen. "