Restaurant Report Card: 8.3.17 Mr. Gyro's

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TOLEDO (WTVG) -- This week, we take you to 5 restaurants with 10 or more violations each, starting with Lola's Frozen Yogurt (licensed as Lola's Yogurt Retreat, LLC) in Perrysburg.

During the last Standard Health Inspection, sanitarians with the Wood County Health District gave Lola's 10 Violations, including 4 Critical:

X Wiping cloths with no sanitizer.
X Food employee did not have hair effectively restrained.
X Cut cantaloupe at 62 degrees instead of 41F.

In response, Juile Skeldon, Vice President of Lola's messaged 13abc:
"During our inspection we had minor construction being done in the store but that has been inspected again & cleared. For the other things, we called an immediate staff meeting & went over the rules & regulations not only for the health department but for us as establishment. All violations from the health department have been addressed & taken care of."

Next, we take you to Sidelines Maumee where the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department noted 10 Violations, including 5 Critical:

X Raw chicken stored above ready to eat chicken in the prep top cooler.
X Build up on the ceiling tiles near air vent.
X Foods in the prep top coolers stored above the container rim.

One of the owners, Eric Sitter, showed 13abc around the kitchen at Sidelines Maumee.

Sitter demonstrated how most of the violations were easy fixes, including those coolers filled above the rim.

"So, some of them were heaping," Sitter explains. "Just cooks, you know, doing their job, thinking they're stocking for the night, but they're overstocking."

By the next day, he says, everything on the list inside Sidelines Maumee was corrected.

"You know, our track record's very good with the health department," adds Sitter. "Sometimes, you have a hiccup, you've gotta fix it."

From there, we head to Laskey, in the Miracle Mile Plaza, where the Wendy's had 12 Violations, 3 considered Critical.

X Employee did not wash hands properly, just rinsing because he washed them in the bathroom.
X Food debris inside coolers and exteriors of equipment.
X Vanilla mix, shredded cheeses, milk, salad mix above 41F.

In response, Lindsay Stone, Marketing Director for Meritage Hospitality Group, emailed 13abc on behalf of this Wendy's:
"Nothing is more important than our customers, the quality of our food, and the dining experience that we provide. The results of the latest health inspection are unacceptable to us. We have taken this matter very seriously, addressed the issues immediately, and our Quality Assurance experts are fully engaged with the restaurant team. We will also retrain and reinforce our strict quality procedures with our restaurant team.
Furthermore, this restaurant has been on our schedule to be remodeled in September and we are looking forward to bringing a fresh, updated look to this restaurant. Meritage Hospitality Group and its subsidiary company, Wen Ohio, LLC., maintains strict policies regarding restaurant cleanliness, enforced through rigorous training procedures.
As always, the Company remains committed to serving each guest with safe, high quality food. "

Hometown Buffet on Airport at Reynolds also had 12 Violations, including 7 Critical:

X Raw ground beef stored above cooked salmon inside the walk-in cooler.
X Build-up inside the ice machine.
X Hand sink being utilized to temporarily store dirty dishes.

13abc emailed Hometown Buffet through its website. We're still waiting for a reply.

Finally, Mr. Gyro's and More on Airport Highway had 13 Violations, 7 of which were Critical:

X Flying gnats in the kitchen.
X Trash can blocking handwashing sink.
X Chicken, ground beef, hot dogs, and raw bacon holding above 41F inside the reach-in cooler.

13abc also emailed Mr. Gyro's through its website. We are waiting for a response.

Here are the restaurants with zero violations:

Fassett Tavern
26 Fassett Street, Toledo (419) 214-1130
Standard Inspection 20-Jul-2017 0 critical & 0 non-critical

Billy Reyna's Original Tex-Mex LLC
846 S Broadway Street, Toledo (419) 241-3486
Standard Inspection 20-Jul-2017 0 critical & 0 non-critical

Mayfly Tavern
4532 N Summit Street, Toledo (419) 729-2041
Standard Inspection 20-Jul-2017 0 critical & 0 non-critical

Hollywood Casino Toledo - Final Cut
777 Hollywood Boulevard, Toledo (419) 661-5362
Standard Inspection 20-Jul-2017 0 critical & 0 non-critical

Chipotle Mexican Grill #933
3305 W Central Avenue A-2-60, Toledo (419) 536-4294
Standard Inspection 20-Jul-2017 0 critical & 0 non-critical