Restaurant Report Card: 9.12.19 Hot Box Bistro

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TOLEDO (WTVG) -- We've all heard don't sneeze into your hand. Instead, sneeze into your elbow.

However, if you sneeze in front of a health inspector, make sure you wash your hands afterward. Sanitizer is not enough, and it could end up as a Critical Violation.

A sanitarian with the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department saw an employee sneeze into a hand at Hot Box Bistro, 332 N Erie Street, Toledo. That was during a Standard Inspection, 4-Sep-2019, which resulted in 16 violations (4 critical & 12 non-critical). Among those:

X Several flies throughout the facility.
X Steak, cheese, sauces, and noodles with no date marking.
X Observed employee sneezing into hand and then attempting to wash with sanitizer.

13abc sent a message to Hot Box Bistro through its website. We're still waiting for a reply.

Here are the restaurants with zero violations:

Java City - Rocket Hall
1458 Secor Road, Toledo (419) 552-7654
Standard Inspection 28-Aug-2019 0 critical & 0 non-critical

3rd Street Scoops
10 N 3rd Street, Waterville (419) 409-0028
Standard Inspection 30-Aug-2019 0 critical & 0 non-critical

Chandler Cafe
5648 N Main Street, Sylvania (419) 517-5088
Standard/Critical Control Point Inspection 30-Aug-2019 0 critical & 0 non-critical

Burger King #5556
6630 Airport Hwy, Holland (419) 866-5429
Standard/Critical Control Point Inspection 3-Sep-2019 0 critical & 0 non-critical