Restaurant Report Card: 9.13.18 King Buffet

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OREGON, Ohio (WTVG) -- We start this week at Senor Tequilas. It had a change of ownership in the last two months, and it is set for a name change to Casa Tequila.

During a Standard Inspection by the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department 28-Aug-2018, Senor Tequilas/Casa Tequila (Canelos Mexican Cuisine), 1705 S Wheeling Street, Oregon, had 12 violations (1 critical & 11 non-critical). That includes:

X Build up inside the ice machine.
X Build up on can opener blade.
X Mops were not hung to dry between uses.

The owners invited 13abc inside so you can see for yourself plenty of changes have taken place since that inspection.

One look around Casa Tequila and you can clearly see the ice bin looks clean, so does the can opener.

Owners tell 13abc every violation at Casa Tequila is now corrected.

In Holiday City, on 22-Aug-2018, the Williams County Health Department noted 13 violations (5 critical & 8 non-critical) at Four Seasons Family Restaurant, 13469 ST RT 15, Holiday City. For example:

X Dishwasher did not wash hands when entering kitchen.
X Individually wrapped item need a date mark on each.
X Ready-to-eat food that had been date marked was not properly discarded.

In response, a manager at Four Seasons Family Restaurant told 13abc over the phone:

"It's all cool. We already got the O.K. from the health department ...Those are minor violations. Everything's that's on the list has been taken care of."

- Kim Schaffner, Manager

At Jed's Downtown, 319 N Superior Street, Toledo, on 30-Aug-2018, a sanitarian noted 15 violations (7 critical & 8 non-critical). That includes:

X Taco meat with no date.
X Several flies in the facility.
X Food residue on clean plates.

In response, a spokesperson for Jed's Downtown emailed 13abc:

"As for the restaurant report card, to say we were disappointed in our report would be an understatement. We have been in the restaurant industry for over a decade and have always treated food safety and preparation with the highest degree of attention and our report card is/was completely unacceptable and is being addressed daily.

All of the minor violations were fixed/addressed on the spot while the inspector was still there.

In regards to the other violations, some require actual repairs that we were blind sided by considering they were all approved by the health department 3 months ago when we opened, but none the less we have made the arrangements to repair these minor projects.

The remaining violations have our entire focus, we have added additional policies and best practices to prevent any violations from occurring, we have also retrained our staff on these processes and policies. As I mentioned before, we take our food safety extremely seriously and are confident that our next visit will prove that"

Finally, we take you to Bowling Green, where a restaurant that has "buffet" in its name is no longer a buffet. A sanitarian noted on the health inspection the eatery is only doing carryout and delivery.

That eatery is King Buffet, 1070 N Main St, Bowling Green. On 27-Aug-2018, the Wood County Health Department noted 18 violations (8 critical & 10 non-critical). For instance:

X White rice was reheating in the rice holding unit at 130 degrees after 3 hours.
X Meat, egg rolls in the walk in cooler not cold enough. (50 degrees)
X Cooked noodles, egg rolls and other foods are not date marked.

Food items from all three of these violations were thrown away during the inspection.

13abc spoke with a manager at King Buffet over the phone. He said:

"Everything was taken care of that day ... When the health department left, everything was done."

Here are the restaurants with zero violations:

Arby's #7347
7030 W Central Avenue, Toledo (419) 841-0722
Standard Inspection 27-Aug-2018 0 critical & 0 non-critical

Starbucks Coffee Co. #11373
1260 S Reynolds Road, Toledo
Standard Inspection 28-Aug-2018 0 critical & 0 non-critical

Timbo's Cones & Coneys
5437 W Alexis Road, Sylvania (419) 882-8223
Standard Inspection 29-Aug-2018 0 critical & 0 non-critical

Focaccia's Market
1 Seagate Center 104, Toledo (419) 242-4141
Standard Inspection 30-Aug-2018 0 critical & 0 non-critical

Homeboys Sports Bar & Grille
502 Main Street, Toledo (419) 389-3483
Standard Inspection 31-Aug-2018 0 critical & 0 non-critical

Arby's #354
2522 Woodville Rd, Northwood (419) 697-1963
Standard Inspection 30-Aug-2018 0 critical & 0 non-critical

O-Deer Diner
416 Louisiana Ave, Perrysburg (419) 874-7070
Standard Inspection 30-Aug-2018 0 critical & 0 non-critical

Uncle Mike's
274 S Washington Street, Tiffin (419) 447-0036
Standard Inspection 31-Aug-2018 0 critical & 0 non-critical

Clubhouse Pizza Holgate JA Garcias LLC
132 N Wilhelm Street, Holgate (419) 438-4359
Standard Inspection 30-Aug-2018 0 critical & 0 non-critical

House of Pizza
100 N East Street, Mc Clure (419) 256-6800
Standard Inspection 28-Aug-2018 0 critical & 0 non-critical