Restaurant Report Card: Hancock County 3.1.2018

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FINDLAY (WTVG) -- We start this week in Findlay. Hancock County now has its Food Safety Inspections online, just like Lucas and Wood Counties. So, before you dine out, you can check out what happened at the link on this page.

Recent restaurants with double-digit health code violations include Alexandria's at 132 E. Crawford St., Findlay. During the Standard Inspection 13-Feb-2018, a sanitarian noted 11 violations (3 critical & 8 non-critical). Among those violations:

X The french fry cutter has an accumulation of food debris.
X Inside of the microwave has an accumulation of food debris.
X Ice maker deflector shields have an accumulation of debris.

In response, a spokesperson for Alexandria's emailed 13abc the following:

"Alexandria's is a large complex within a historical building in downtown Findlay, which houses 3 bars (1 seasonal) and 2 banquet facilities. We received an inspection on February 13th that listed 11 violations – 3 of which were listed as Critical. As is our long-standing practice, our General Manager, Rob Talpas, called an immediate meeting with kitchen personnel to address all of these issues – and also notified executive management. A follow-up inspection was performed one week later on February 20th by Hancock County (the investigating agency), at which time all 8 non-critical items were reported as having been corrected, and the 3 critical items were combined into two.

Of those Critical Items:
• One involved a handwashing sink being installed in a non-food preparation or handling area. This directed location is in a temporary bar area of the back warehouse that is only used for certain events. There is not only a 3-bay sink in that area, there is also a handwashing sink in the permanent bar just around the wall, which the bartenders utilize. To remain compliant, however, a new handwashing sink has already been installed in the directed area indicated on the report. This issue is completely resolved. (Photo Attached) We were given to August 1, 2018 to complete this – we completed it right away.
• The other issues, which now combine into a single issue, involve floor/wall/ceiling materials currently in the kitchen prep and dry storage areas. Because this is a historic building with unique features, we have been area-testing different materials for these surfaces, to see which material(s) hold up better under these unique environments. These tests have been going on for a period of time, with some materials already ruled out and new ones continuing to be researched. We will continue to assess these materials and will be fully compliant way before the August 1, 2018 deadline that was given to us by the inspector. (Photo Attached) We would be more than happy to notify you as soon the permanent solution is selected and installed.

It is our intention – and our practice – to find safe, high-quality, long-term, and sustainable solutions for all areas of our business, with the health and safety of our customers being foremost in our mind; as opposed to quick, temporary, and ineffective non-solutions, and/or knee-jerk reactions. We are forever committed to providing safe, quality products to our customers in a safe, classic, and enjoyable environment, while maintaining the historical charm that is becoming synonymous with The Downtown Findlay area. It is challenging to provide modern services and conveniences to our guests while preserving as much of the historical integrity - within the space restrictions of the functionally obsolete designs of these old buildings - as possible, but these are challenges that we passionately, eagerly and enthusiastically embrace. Our customers, visitors, neighbors, and fellow Findlay citizens, tell us daily how much they appreciate it."

David S. Owens
President/COO Mallett Enterprises & Alexandria's of Findlay

Next, on 14-Feb-2018, Jac & Do's Pizza of Arlington, 635 N. Main St., Arlington, also had 11 violations (4 critical & 7 non-critical). Those included:

X Sliced roast beef, bologna held past (the maximum) 7 days.
X Build up of grime on the can opener.
X Spaghetti and meatballs, taco meat and corn at 98F (instead of 165F).

In response, a spokesperson for Jac & Do's Pizza of Arlington messaged 13abc through Facebook:

"We have cleared up and passed all 4 critical, and non critical violations quickly and efficiently ..."
"Furthermore, (the) health department has redone the inspection this morning and everything passed."

Finally, Asian Grill at 1813 Tiffin Ave. in Findlay. During a Standard Inspection 7-Feb-2018, Asian Grill had 14 violations (5 critical & 9 non-critical). Violations included:

X Shrimp at 48F in (an unapproved) domestic style refrigerator.
X Rice warmer for the sushi rice is severely damaged.
X The meat slicer has a buildup of food debris.

13abc messaged Asian Grill in Findlay through Facebook. We're still waiting to hear back.

Here are the restaurants with zero violations:

106 S MAIN ST, Findlay (567) 250-8978
Standard Inspection 31-Jan-2018 0 critical & 0 non-critical

1111 W TRENTON AVE, Findlay (419) 420-7427
Standard Inspection 2-Feb-2018 0 critical & 0 non-critical

Rapid Fired Pizza
852 S Main St, Bowling Green
Standard Inspection 20-Feb-2018 0 critical & 0 non-critical