Rio to drain murky Olympic pool

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RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) -Tthey're going to drain what's been dubbed "the swamp" at the Rio Olympics.

The water at the Maria Lenk Aquatics Center has been green-tinged and murky for five days. Officials blame the green water on algae, poor maintenance, heat and more swimmers than expected using the facility. Organizers have insisted the water is safe though some athletes have complained about their eyes being itchy.

On Friday, a planned diving practice session had to be called off to give officials more time to clean the water. It reopened in the early afternoon.

Rio Games spokesman Mario Andrada said on Saturday that "some radical measures are taking place and one of those radical measures is to replace a big part of the water" in the main pool at the venue.

Andrada says the pool water will be drained and refilled beginning Saturday evening.

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