Roller coaster workweek ahead, with sun and warmth

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We've got a lot of sunshine planned over the next few days, starting out with minimal clouds and a warming trend Monday. It will looks almost identical to Sunday, with clear skies. While highs will be way short of any records, we will be well above the 30 year average. The record on Monday is 69°, set back in 1990. The record Tuesday is 68°, set in 2005.

We'll even make a push for 60° on Tuesday, and it's likely to be one of the last truly warm days of 2017. Of course, that comes with a stronger wind, with gusts above 30 mph. Midnight sprinkles can't be ruled out, mostly NW of Toledo, Tuesday into Wednesday.

The much better chance for rain is Thursday afternoon through noon Friday. Cooler air moves in Friday, lending us a few melty flurries.