Rossford Police officer accused of using police database to contact women resigns

Published: Jun. 16, 2020 at 5:06 PM EDT
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A Rossford Police Officer resigns after two women report that he misused a police database to look up their personal information and message them on Facebook. The City Of Rossford Administrator Allyson Murray released a statement saying that Officer Glenn Goss, Jr. resigned prior to being terminated on Tuesday. The move follows an immediate internal investigation into the allegations brought to light by a Rossford woman.

Emily Hackler says she was driving home from the health club when she noticed a man in a black truck following her. Hackler says when she got home she received a Facebook message from the man who turned out to be Officer Glenn Goss Jr. of the Rossford Police department. In the message, he makes inappropriate comments about her appearance and sends a picture of himself in his police uniform. Hackler says when she asked how he got her contact info, he tells her he looked up her license plate information. “I do not think a person like that should have a job like that. Working with people and with people's information,” says Emily.

Taylor Harder says she was on her way to work about a year ago, when she was pulled over by Rossford Police Officer Glenn Goss Jr., “He stopped me after I came down the hill in Rossford and he pulled me over by the railroad tracks. He asked me for my license and registration and everything told me that I was speeding.”

Taylor says Officer Goss Jr let her off with a warning, but later that night when she was a dinner with friends, he messaged her on Facebook. She kept copies of the messages, feeling they were highly inappropriate. “He goes…"Can't believe you got a break.” And I just said “???? “. And he just said sweating emoji face. And I go “am I in trouble? And he said “You almost were in trouble sweating emoji face. The next person I stopped wasn't so lucky…hahaha.”

Taylor says she told her parents about the incident and they decided not to pursue it at the time. Until Monday, when she read a post by another woman, (Emily Hackler) who had a similar experience with the same police officer.

City of Rossford Administrator Allyson Murray says the city launched an immediate internal investigation and found grounds for termination. However, Goss Jr. resigned before that happened. Now an independent investigation that could involve criminal charges will be done by the Ohio State Highway Patrol.