Rossford couple recovering after contracting coronavirus overseas

ROSSFORD, Ohio (WTVG) - In Rossford, Bob and Betsy Bunda are on the mend, isolating and recovering from coronavirus after vacationing in Spain.

"It's 10 times, 15 times worse than the flu," Bob Bunda said.

Back on March 1, the couple left for the European country and spent nearly two weeks sightseeing. Thirteen days later, the two said they were told to head home and they both started feeling sick.

"We knew when we got home that we had it," Betsy Bunda said. "We had night sweats — just terrible night sweats — and woke up with a fever and then it went away."

Back in Ohio, the Bundas immediately went into quarantine and eventually got a doctor's order for COVID-19 tests. While waiting for results, the pair said they experienced painful headaches, coughs, confusion and sweats.

"Both Bob and I woke up in a puddle of sweat," Betsy Bunda said. "We'd have to change the sheets. They were just soaked."

A few days later their results came back positive and marked the first two cases in Wood County.

"They were sort of the poster child of exactly the cases that we want to see," Wood County Health Commissioner Ben Batey said.

Batey said the Bundas made the right move by quickly isolating and notifying doctors of their symptoms. With six confirmed cases countywide already, Batey said people need to take the threat seriously but realize many of us will recover from the illness.

"The actions that we take over the next couple weeks are going to have a huge impact long-term," Batey said. “If we can keep the number of cases to a manageable level over a period of time our hospital systems will be just fine.”

Back in Rossford, the Bundas are echoing the same message as they continue to get healthy and look forward to getting back to normal.

"The only way we're going to get through this is if we all stay home — just do not spread — that's the only way to kill this virus," Betsy Bunda said.

Right now, most counties are reserving coronavirus tests for medical personnel or those who are severely sick. Batey said about 80 percent of people won't be tested for the disease, which is why he says it's so important to stay home and limit your risk of spreading or contracting COVID-19.