Rossford faces fire levy on Tuesday ballot

Published: Oct. 30, 2019 at 10:40 PM EDT
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One area community will make a decision on safety this election day. Will more firefighters be available to answer the emergency call in Rossford? What sort of equipment will they respond with?

To give you an idea where the Rossford fire department is, Chief Josh Drouard told 13abc that the department is being funded at the same tax milage as 1984. Lots has changed since then and next Tuesday the department might see a shift to the future.

For the last few days, there was no working fire engine in Rossford. The department’s engine was out for service because of a clogged air check valve. The only option for fighting a fire was the 24- year-old ladder truck.

"Luckily enough we didn't have any fire related incidents but of course this truck is our tool box. It has a lot of our auto extrication equipment, our air bags, our firefighting capabilities," said Chief Drouard.

Even with a population over 6000, Rossford is actually a volunteer department. There are only 2 firefighters on duty from 8:00am until 4:00pm. That’s 7 days a week. That means for 16 hours a day firefighters come from home if needed.

"We're in our community, serving our community so when we feel like we don't have the tools and the equipment to do that just because we're at the spot that we are," said Barrett Dorner, Rossford Fire Union President.

That's why the Rossford fire union is supporting two levies on Tuesday's ballot. One keeps service they currently have, the other funds equipment like trucks, breathing apparatus and protective gear. Voters now decide if that will come to fruition.

"It is absolutely one of those things that until you need it, you're not really thinking too much about it," said Dorner.

These new dollars would provide on call firefighters from 10:00pm through 8:00am when no one is at the station. Meaning they'll get to people in Rossford quicker and in this business minutes are critical.

"We're trying to deliver a service to the community when they call at a moment's notice," said Chief Drouard.

The larger levy is an additional levy so it will cost tax payers more if it's approved. It'll cost of the owner of a $100,000 home about $280 more a year. We wait to see now if it's a service residents are willing to shell out the money for.

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