Rossford one step closer to using handheld speed cameras in city limits

ROSSFORD, Ohio (WTVG) - From downtown Rossford to I-75, Rossford's mayor says speeding is a problem in his city.

"If we could just get people to slow down a little bit it makes us safer, and if we're safer that makes us better," said Rossford mayor Neil MacKinnon.

One way he plans to fight the issue is by arming officers with handheld speed cameras.

"If you don't want to get a ticket, and you don't want to pay a fine, then don't speed," said MacKinnon.

MacKinnon says city leaders have discussed bringing cameras to city limits for months. Monday, city council voted in favor to enter an agreement with Redflex Traffic Systems to provide the services.

"We're not the first municipality to engage in this, and it'll be fine," said MacKinnon.

To the north, Toledo already uses the devices and to the south Perrysburg Township will start using them in 2019.

While the cameras could be used anywhere in Rossford, MacKinnon says I-75 is a spot where speeding is excessive and accidents use limited safety services.

"If we get an accident out there it takes our safety services out of town and puts them out there when they could be here," said MacKinnon.

As the city moves forward in its pursuit of handheld cameras some leaders aren't on board.

"I think we just needed to have some more time to get some more information in the long run," said Rossford councilman Jerry Staczek.

Staczek says he believes Rossford is rushing to create a program solely for revenue.

"They can snap as many of these violations as they want, and all this is is extra income for the city," said Staczek.

The councilman says he's also concerned about the image cameras will bring to the city as they may keep people and business out.

"We don't want our officers hiding behind overpass embankments," said Staczek. "We don't want them laying on the ground shooting from underneath guardrails."

At this point it doesn't mean speed cameras are coming to Rossford. The new agreement simply allows the city to begin negotiations for them. More discussion around the cameras is expected at the end of January.