SUV crashes near fire, driver not wearing pants

Published: Nov. 9, 2017 at 5:53 AM EST
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It started as a house fire, but turned into something that even surprised firefighters.

And it all played out in front of one of 13abc's cameras.

Toledo Firefighters were putting out a fire at a home on Federal Street Wednesday night when an SUV drove into the house next door.

Video shows the vehicle backing into the front steps, where the firefighters were standing.

The woman behind the wheel puts the SUV in park, opens the door, gets out and starts running down the sidewalk, and she's not wearing pants.

A man then runs up behind her as she falls, then tries to run past him.

That's when firefighters walk up and lead the woman back to the emergency vehicles and have her sit down.

The woman was wearing underwear, which 13abc has blurred from the video.

Just before our camera started rolling, witnesses describe the SUV as flying down the street, jumping the curb and taking out a stop sign.

"We were standing across the street and heard some screaching and loud sounds and a lady come barreling down the road, hittin fire trucks takin out street signs," says Albert Welch. "It was a very scary moment."

The driver was taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation.

No word whether she may face any criminal charges.