Safe Routes to School getting grant money

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TOLEDO - (13abc, Action) - Walking and biking to school in toledo is getting easier.

Ohio Department of Transportation is giving the city and the YMCA more than $700,000 to build crosswalks, sidewalks and bike lanes in neighborhoods and schools.

Walking and biking has two benefits, if the kids take advantage.

Jenny Hansen with Safe Routes to School says, " The big risk is kids aren't being physcially active and this is a way to increase that physical activity of students and help them be healthier and improve that health index."

TPS Superintendant Romules Durant says, "Kids who are walking as well as biking are actually having an opporutnity to get the blood flow, get the body moving and allows them to neurologically open themselves up to become receptive to teaching and learning."

Today is walk or bike to school day.

To encourage biking, Toledo Public Schools is offering bike safety checks and will loan locks to students.