Safety improvements at "dangerous" intersection in Monclova

MONCLOVA TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WTVG) - Some new safety upgrades are coming to an intersection in Monclova Township that many describe as dangerous.

The intersection of Weckerly Rd. and US Route 20A is busy and traffic travels fast.

Right now, there are only stop signs on Weckerly Rd.

Starting Wednesday August 15, the intersection will become a four-way stop, in an effort from ODOT to reduce the frequency and severity of car crashes.

ODOT reports that in the last few years there have been over 20 car accidents in this intersection. One of those fatal, and many were serious injury accidents.

Friday, crews began adding the posts for the stop signs. ODOT says the new stop signs on US Route 20A will have flashing lights, so drivers can get used to slowing down, instead of speeding by.

In 2020, this intersection will become a roundabout similar to the one just up the street on Eber Rd.