Sale of locally made t-shirts helps feed hospital workers fighting COVID-19

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - At Deet's Barbecue in Oregon, a small team of workers keeps busy by making meals for those fighting the coronavirus.

"We can only imagine how tough it is for the medical community knowing how tough it is for us right now," Deet's co-owner Tim Haye said.

Haye and his business partner Trevor Deeter recently started what they call "Grubs for Scrubs," which gives free barbecue to hospital crews as COVID-19 takes its toll.

"It's just important for us to show that we're thinking of them and there's other people in the community thinking of them," Deeter said.

The pair said it's all possible thanks to the generosity of those in the community. In an effort to keep the momentum moving, the locally-owned chain is partnering with another homegrown business all while sending a message.

"It comes down to us doing the little thing that we can do — the thing that we're best at — to help the community," Jupmode president John Amato said.

Known for creating clothes that celebrate northwest Ohio, the team at Toledo's Jupmode is making shirts that read, "Stay home for each other." While they aim for unity during tough times, their sale also means a meal for local healthcare workers.

"I can't imagine being in their shoes, and they do work really long days and, obviously, they're doing something that's really important as well," Amato said.

On sale for $24 a piece, $10 from each shirt purchase will go to Deet's. From there the cash will be used to buy and cook up food for those on serving on the front lines at area hospitals.

"It's truly amazing that they do this, and it's an everyday thing for them," Amato said of local healthcare workers.

In a time where medical demand is at an all-time high, leaders at both businesses said they're proud to team up and make a small difference for those helping us all.

"You see the look on their face — how excited they are just to be able to take a breather and get a sandwich — it's a really big deal to them, so it is to us as well," Deeter said of serving food to medical workers.

Jupmode is making the new t-shirts, and they'll be shipped to you for free. To get one all you have to do is order online at this link.