Sandusky Co. saving money by not housing female inmates in Seneca Co.

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SANDUSKY COUNTY (WTVG) - Over the last three years, Sheriff Chris Hilton said the Sandusky County jail housed female inmates in another county.

Sheriff Hilton said the jail didn't have enough beds for women so they were transported and housed in Seneca County.

"Now that's $58 per day, per inmate, and that's a lot of money that adds up," said Sheriff Hilton. "We spend approximately $200,000 in Sandusky County housing females in Seneca County."

Sheriff Hilton said he met with the jail administrator and both decided to use another area within the Sandusky County jail to house female inmates.

Women are now being placed in the former male release work pod area. That added 16 female inmate beds. In the past, the jail only had eight female beds and could have up to 25 female inmates behind bars.

Since April, the sheriff said they haven't housed a female inmate in Seneca County and they've saved about $100,000.