Sandusky County appoints temporary replacement for prosecutor Braun

 Zach Selvey
Zach Selvey (WTVG)
Published: Jan. 21, 2020 at 4:40 PM EST
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Sexual harassment victims, Fremont City Council, Ohio's governor and attorney general all got what they wanted: Tim Braun is off the job.

The Sandusky County prosecutor's resignation became final Tuesday.

Commissioners wasted no time replacing him, and 13abc Action News was the only media at the swearing in ceremony for the temporary replacement.

A brief Sandusky County Commissioners special meeting Tuesday made it official: Tim Braun is out, and Zachary Selvey is in, serving as acting prosecutor at least for the next month or so.

After the unanimous approval from the Board of Commissioners, a judge swore Zachary Selvey into office.

"I'm flattered the commissioners chose me. I'm a Sandusky County life-long resident. I've worked in the prosecutor's office under two different prosecutors now, and I want to see things get back to normal. I want to do what's best for the county and best for the office," said Selvey.

Former prosecutor Braun's resignation went into effect at close of business Tuesday at 4:30 p.m., and at 4:31 p.m. it was time to vote Selvey in.

"We had to act immediately on a replacement because it allows us to move forward to deal with things that come out of law enforcement needs and things that happen in the court, cases that are currently in process," said Kay Reiter, president of the Board of Commissioners.

As 13abc has reported, five women accused Braun of sexual harassment in the workplace. He was convicted of negligent assault, but a plea deal allowed him to keep his job through June. Pressure from Ohio's governor and attorney general called for Braun to step down, and there was a hearing set for this week attempting to remove him from office.

"I think he's done the right thing and resigned," said Reiter.

"I'm in the building to pick up files, but I honestly had very little interaction with Mr. Braun," said Selvey.

Now, it's up to the Republican Central Committee to choose a permanent replacement ahead of the November election. Selvey says he doesn't plan to run.

"I only plan on being in office a short time. So, I'm very focused on just keeping the day-to-day business going. I think the staff can handle prosecuting all of the cases, taking care of all the victims needs, just making sure the county gets all the day-to-day work done at the prosecutor's office until the replacement comes in," said Selvey.

Reiter says the Republican Central Committee may meet to interview replacements to Selvey as soon as February 18. Even after someone is selected and appointed from the committee, the candidate will still need to run in the November election to officially become the next prosecutor of Sandusky County.

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