Sandusky County woman loses over $1000 in bogus check scam

SANDUSKY COUNTY (13abc Action News) - A local woman is out over $1000 all because she thought she was getting into a new job opportunity. It turns out she was about to do business with a crook.

The woman, who does not want to be identified, is out around $1300 without any good way to get it back. Her bank already says they're sending her to collections.

"You only get burned once. But that was a good burn. That was like a hefty one," said the scam victim.

This Sandusky county woman is still in shock about how the check put her world into a tailspin. She found an ad on Craigslist where she could advertise on her car while she traveled which she does quite often.

"It was like $600 a week. That's what caught my attention because I do travel."

That's when the check came. She was told to deposit it, wire most of the money back to the company and keep the difference. The red flags were there when the company would not tell her their name.

"Then when I started asking for the name of the business, they wouldn't do it. They wouldn't answer. I asked like 3-4 times and they never responded."

Then when her bank told her the check was bogus. She was liable for the $1300.

"Since it was my first time doing something like that I had no idea what was happening at the beginning. But after I sent that they wanted more money and I thought ‘Oh that's enough,’" this scam victim told 13abc.

This woman has actually worked in the legal field. So she's familiar with this kind of thing but it got out of control and in a hurry.

"If supposedly I know better, how many people out there that will just fall into it without even thinking about it."

Even if the bank takes a few days to process the check, let them do it before you take any money out.